Pedestrian Bridges

Expect to see a lot of excitement at Unity Park this summer, including installation of the park’s three pedestrian bridges.

On June 16, a 70-foot bridge was installed just upstream of the Reedy River crossing at Hudson Street. Prefabricated in Pickens, SC, the bridge arrived in once piece and was put in place with a crane. The bridge will open on July 9, along with the new Swamp Rabbit Trail extension on the north side of the river, next to Welborn Commons.

On August 10, the 110-foot Spinks Bridge was installed upstream, closer to Mayberry Street. Also prefabricated, this larger bridge was transported in two sections and placed with a crane. 

Finally, construction of 165-foot Auro Bridge also is underway. Made of weathered steel, this bridge will be constructed on-site, as specially trained crews suspended on cables work from both sides of the river. Bridge enthusiasts will be able to observe the construction from a special public viewing area adjacent to the new Swamp Rabbit Trail extension. 

The two larger bridges will remain closed until the official opening of Unity Park in spring 2022.

map showing location of bridges in Unity Park