Cleveland Park Improvements

Graphic Text: Just You Wait, It's going to be so much better!

We are working hard to bring you a better Cleveland Park!

There are multiple, simultaneous improvements underway in the City's largest park. By early May, the major streambank and DIG Greenville work will be complete.

Riverbank Improvement

A streambank stabilization and restoration project is underway along the Reedy River and Richland Creek near the Greenville Zoo. 

Scheduled for completion by the summer of 2019, the streambanks will be excavated and regraded to return to a more natural stream channel. 

You'll notice a marked improvement in water clarity and flow, and the riverbank will be better protected from erosion during high-water events.

Sewer Pipes Covered

For years, a large sewer main was visible running through Cleveland Park. The City decided to cover it using clean fill material and forming berms with gentle slopes along the sides. 

The result: a natural, eye-pleasing view!

Wastewater Capacity Increased

The DIG Greenville project, led by Renewable Water Resources (ReWa), includes the creation of a gravity sewer tunnel located 100 feet below Cleveland Park. The project requires the closure of Cleveland Park Drive and the Greenville Zoo's west parking lot. The starter tunnel, under construction along Lakehurst Street, will be complete by early May 2019.