Richland Creek Emergency Bank Stabilization Project

In early 2016, the City was forced to close a parking lot and the adjacent road shoulder on Lakehurst Street in Cleveland Park due to severe bank erosion along Richland Creek. In addition to the threat of damage to the parking lot, the erosion was also impacting water quality because of the increasing amounts of sediment washing into the stream. 

Work on the side closest to the parking lot began in February to stabilize the bank and redirect the stream flow. This was accomplished in part by installing geolifts – a technique that utilizes layered soil slopes with vegetation installed between each layer of soil. The vegetation growth protects the surface of the bank and its root systems reinforce the slope of the bank. Additionally, rock structures were installed in the stream to direct the flow of water into the middle of the channel and relieve stress from the banks. This also improves water quality by preventing future erosion and keeping sediment out of the stream.     

Work on the opposite bank is expected to begin in May and be completed by June.